From a boys space to a gentleman apartment

The apartment of a gentleman is an intimate zone. It tells far more about who he really is than any of the lines he has dropped at dinner in a restaurant. His performance out in public may be what got his date back to his place but the experience she has there will decide whether or not she ever returns.


Your place is full of telling subtle and not-so-subtle details. And in this way, a living space is like a work of art created by yourself. It evokes strong and often multiple feelings within seconds of taking it in. The visitor doesn’t have to understand where that feeling comes from - but you do!


Finally it is date night. You both have been out a few times. You have invited her over your place for the first time. Opening the door in your sharp dressed look and a manly aftershave on your skin, you feel she looks kind of turned off. What went wrong?! To be clear, your apartment is a messed up, smelly and uninviting stone age cave. 


There is no second chance for a first impression. Everything can go right on a date, only to ruin it with an unpresentable home. Making a good first impression with your apartment shows that you care, but it also shows what kind of gentleman you are. It will give her a sense of your character and also your personal responsibility. Don’t blow the golden opportunity to impress her while she crosses the threshold to your place.


Women use their all five senses completely different.


Sight: So take care with what she sees. Don’t ruin it with your ex-girlfriend left devices, dirty dishes in your kitchen or an immature centerfold poster on your living room wall. 


Hearing: Use a vintage record player or create an arousing sensual playlist. Because good music matters!


Smell: Nobody wants to smell the old cigar odors from last nights poker game. Are you smoking hookah everyday? Get rid of it immediately and use room fragrances or perfumed candles.


Touch: Shabby furniture, dirty linens or dead plants are immature and also gross. If you can not afford fancy designer furniture, go at least for a clean and neat look. Better shop at a Swedish furniture store than using your childhood bed from your parents home. 


Taste: Always have champagne and fresh strawberries in your fridge. Well, we do not have to explain that, do we?


Focusing on her five senses will let you build an inviting atmosphere. Like with fine art it is about what is absent as well what is visible. The approach is authenticity, not illusion. You want to appeal to the five senses without distracting from the true main piece of the evening: that moment between you and her.


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